Tax and Social Security for Norwegian parties in Brussels

KPMG Belgium and KPMG Norway invite you to a morning seminar where we focus on employees who work for Norwegian organisations and Norwegian regional offices in Brussels.

Secondment from Norway to Belgium raises several questions for both the employee and the employer, including:

 Correct employee taxation
 Establish if the organisation / regional office is liable to tax in Belgium
 Proper registration and reporting for the employer and employee
 Social security affiliation and earning of social security rights
 Payment of social security contributions (social security and social security contributions) 

At this seminar we will give you an insight into these issues and which pitfalls you should be aware of. We will also give you updates on the latest developments since last year's seminar.

Per Tore Kraby Lock, Advokat, KPMG Law Advokatfirma AS, Norway 
Håkon Rakkenes, Advokat, KPMG Law Advokatfirma AS, Norway
Kevin Hellinckx, KPMG Tax & Legal Advisers (Corporate tax), Belgium
Wim Meert, KPMG Tax & Legal Advisers (Accountants), Belgium
Kristof Van Gucht, KPMG Tax & Legal Advisers (GMS), Belgium  

Target group
Daily management, HR, finance / economy / project managers, employees

Håkon Rakkenes
T: +47 40 63 92 42