LederAgenda: Top 10 Geopolitical Risks 2019 - Taking Stock

From trade wars to tech cold wars, the geopolitical environment is at the most dangerous it's been in decades and at a moment when the global economy is faring well. Between US-China tensions, cyber deterrence, European populism, US domestic politics, and elections in Nigeria and Ukraine, there is plenty to keep an eye out for in 2019.  

However there's one thing Eurasia Group, KPMG's Global Alliance partner, will be paying attention to above all else this year: long-term problems. Because the world will continue to be consumed by addressing the various political crises of the day, the broader challenges facing the globe will continue to go unaddressed — from the erosion of U.S. democratic institutions to the fracturing of key global alliances. That means when a crisis does hit down the road, its impact will be devastating. That's the very top risk of 2019.  

To discuss this, you are cordially invited to a briefing on Top 10 Geopolitical Risks in 2019: Taking Stock. With the first quarter of 2019 behind us, this seminar will give us a chance to reflect on the accuracy of the risk picture thus far, assess the direction for the rest of the year, and address the relevance of these risks for Norwegian companies.

—    Arne Frogner, CEO of KPMG AS, will give introductory remarks.
—    Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, Senior Advisor for Eurasia Group and former Deputy Secretary-General for the United Nations, and Rohitesh Dhawan, Director, Global Energy & Natural Resources for Eurasia Group, will present the Top 10 Geopolitical Risks in 2019. 
—    Agathe L'Homme, Head of Geopolitics at KPMG Norway will speak on the Bottom Line for Norwegian Businesses. —    Discussion, Q & A   We look forward to seeing you on April 4th.  

About the KPMG-Eurasia Group alliance
  KPMG has entered into a global alliance with the Eurasia Group. The Eurasia Group is the foremost global firm in geopolitical risk analysis, and the KPMG-Eurasia alliance has greatly strengthened our geopolitical capacities including scenario planning, executive briefings, and country and asset analysis.

Practical information
Breakfast and registration from 08.00.  

Video stream

The seminar will be transmitted to a selection of local KPMG offices in Norway. Please select your chosen location upon registration.
- Arendal
- Bergen

The seminar is free of charge


Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, Senior Advisor for Eurasia Group
Lord Mark Malloch‐Brown served as Deputy Secretary‐General and Chief of Staff of the UN under Kofi Annan as well as having served in the British Cabinet and Foreign Office. He is active both in business and in the non-profit world and also remains deeply involved in international affairs. Lord Mark Malloch-Brown is currently Chairman of SGO and its elections division Smartmatic, a leading elections technology company.

Rohitesh Dhawan, Director, Global Energy & Natural Resources, And Head Of Partnerships, Egx
Rohitesh covers environmental and social sustainability issues at Eurasia Group and is a global macro strategist. In the sustainability realm, he analyzes how politics influences government and corporate action on social and environmental issues. His areas of focus include climate change policy and business strategy, natural capital accounting, energy transitions and pathways, and social investment programs, including corporate social responsibility.

Agathe L'Homme, Head of Geopolitics at KPMG Norway
Agathe joined KPMG in 2018 where she leads the Geopolitical Risk practice. Leveraging KPMG's Global Alliance with Eurasia Group, she helps a broad range of clients prepare for and mitigate political and economic risks. This work includes tailored country briefings, integrity due diligence reports, and partner assessments. Agathe has extensive international experience in political and economic analysis.


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