M&A Tax Nordic Road Show

We are pleased to invite you to M&A Tax Nordic Road Show, which aims to provide you with overall structuring updates presented by KPMG’s M&A Tax Team in the Nordics. We will host a seminar in each of the Nordic countries giving you the possibility to meet our Nordic M&A Tax Team but also to discuss relevant topics from a Nordic and global perspective.
KPMG’s M&A Tax Nordic Road Show seminar will provide you with key investment structuring updates. Furthermore, we will focus on ATAD (Anti Tax Avoidance Directive), which will become effective from 1 January 2019.   We will touch upon the following topics:

We will touch upon the following topics:
-          Structuring update (including how do we invest and exit,
            management rollover and incentive plans)
-          Due diligence, SPA, and deal mechanics 
-          International updates, including ATAD  (Anti Tax Avoidance Directive)

The seminar will quickly bring you up to date with relevant and current M&A related topics and is relevant to all investment professionals. We look forward to welcoming you!
Please  let us know if you are interested in booking a 1:1 meeting with the KPMG M&A Tax experts from our Nordic M&A Tax Team.