IFRS-Conference 2022

KPMG’s annual IFRS conference
- New sustainability reporting requirements and IASB and regulator activities

Join our annual IFRS conference to meet our Norwegian and International experts on sustainability reporting and financial reporting.



Sustainability reporting – demand for more relevant information
Demand for more relevant information continues to grow as businesses are increasingly exposed to climate and other sustainability-related issues. The new International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), a sister board of IASB, aims to develop sustainability disclosure standards to drive globally consistent, comparable and reliable sustainability reporting using a building blocks approach, whereas EU (EFRAG) are developing their own sustainability standards (ESRS).   We’ll give you the overview
Financial reporting – focus on interpretation Although IASB is working on a busy agenda to improve old standards and research on new areas, there has been a lot of focus on IASB’s interpretation committee’s Agenda Decisions. KPMG’s IFRIC member Brian O’Donovan will share his insights.

Regulator activity
The regulator (Finanstilsynet/ESMA) continue to issue letters and reports related to financial reporting. We’ll give you an update.

New reporting requirements – some good advice
In the last session we invite the speakers to reflect on
  • how a preparer integrates all the new and existing reporting requirements efficiently
  • how to secure consistency between assumptions underlying financial and non-financial information
  • how digitalization and tagging might influence future reporting

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- 16:00
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