Women entrepreneurs: Key agents for inclusive economic growth

KPMG welcomes you to this seminar where key achievements and challenges within women's economic empowerment will be presented. We will facilitate meaningful dialogue and reflection on an important topic: sex-disaggregated data and female entrepreneurship.

No country can achieve its full potential until women have the same opportunities as men. A powerful tool for women’s equal participation is to start and grow their own businesses. Many actors are designing policy instruments and implementing measures to stimulate and support women in their efforts to secure their own livelihoods and create jobs.  

But how does one measure female entrepreneurship? 
What sex-disaggregated data on female entrepreneurship is available?
Is the available data of good quality, comprehensive and fit to base decision-making on? 

Together with our experienced speakers we hope you will visit us in Oslo on June 16th to hear more on these topics and please join us afterwards for a drink and snacks to continue the fruitful discussions.


On the agenda:

- Welcome
Lars Inge Pettersen, CEO KPMG Norway

- Introduction
Thomas Fugelsnes, Director KPMG Norway

- Presentation of We-Fi
Wendy Teleki, Head of the We-Fi Secretariat (World Bank)

- Panel discussion
Wendy Teleki, Head of the We-Fi Secretariat (World Bank) 
Tone Bakker, CEO of Export Finance Norway (Eksfin) and We-Fi Leadership Champion
Per Bondevik, Senior advisor, Forum for Women and Development (FOKUS)
Arthur Sletteberg, CEO of Nordic Microfinance Initiative (NMI)
Moderator: Eva Langaas, Senior Manager KPMG

- Q & A

- Mingling and refreshments

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