Top 10 Geopolitical Risks 2023

You are cordially invited to our annual webinar on Top 10 Geopolitical Risks in 2023: Looking Ahead.  

Every year in January, Eurasia Group, KPMG's global alliance partner, publishes its Top Risks report which forecasts key geopolitical risks for the year ahead. This year's report is available here.

The previous year, 2022, was significantly impacted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the global implications of the conflict will continue to shape geopolitical tensions in 2023. Russia’s stalling military campaign will intensify asymmetric security risks, as Russia seeks to erode the West’s support of Ukraine (risks #1 and #3). Meanwhile, reduced imports of Russian oil and gas in G7 countries will further pressure strained oil and gas supplies and drive sustained high energy prices (risk #6).

Against the backdrop of high energy costs and inflation, the EU will face growing risks of deindustrialisation, as energy-intensive industries consider relocating production to other markets (risk #4). However, doing so may prove challenging as emerging markets are facing growing socioeconomic challenges, and Chinese President Xi’s consolidation of power could increase regulatory and operational risks for businesses in China (risks #2 and #7). Separately, growing access to sophisticated Artificial Intelligence applications will drive increased cybersecurity risks for businesses and erode public trust in state institutions (risks #3 and #9).

Our online event on February 7th will be a unique opportunity to hear directly from our speakers from Eurasia Group and KPMG about the political risk trends and hotspots most likely to move markets in the year ahead. This seminar will also give us a chance to address the relevance of the Top 10 Risks for Norwegian companies. 


— Lucy Eve from Eurasia Group will present the Top 10 Geopolitical Risks of 2023.  
— Christy Lorgen and Mathias Hindar of KPMG Norway will speak on the Bottom Line for Norwegian businesses.
— Discussion, Q&A

We look forward to seeing you online on Tuesday February 7th.


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